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Why Silicone?

Our silicone gear is food grade, BPA-Free, bacteria resistant, temperature resistant, shatterproof, age resistant, virtually indestructible, come in a trippy variety of colours, easy to customize and most importantly easy to clean!

Is your gear easy to clean?

Our pieces are made of food grade (FDA certified), temperature resistant and durable silicone – nothing sticks! It’s much easier to clean then the alternatives.

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How can I find information on a specific product?
Every product we offer is listed and detailed on our website by viewing the ordering or product pages. The product descriptions should contain in depth information on the product including key product features. If you have any further questions relating to a product that has not been answered on the website, please contact us and we will get an answer for you.
What if my selected item is out of stock?

If a particular Tokorama product is out of stock, you will be notified during checkout and notified of the availability date, the order can still be processed however the products will be dispatched when they become available.

Do you offer discounts for bulk purchasaes?

Yes we do! For queries relating to bulk purchases please contact our friendly team at Tokorama