MWP Straight Tube Didgeridoo Glass Bong 30cm


The MWP Didgeridoo Bonza Pipe is a clear tube style pipe. Measuring 30cm high and standing on a rubber base. Containing a removable coloured bonza stem/cone piece. The MWP Didgeridoo Bonza is a great pipe for everyone to enjoy!

Product Details:

Length: 30cm
3mm thick Glass
Straight Shooter shape
Silicone Base
Silicone Grommet
Brass Stem
Brass Bonza Cone Piece
Easy to clean

A good basic model, simple design, no frills…possible spills..but we all know that depends on whether that bloody dog is outside or not!!! 🙂

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: 12 month

Additional information

Dimensions30 cm


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